5 Questions To Ask A Car Accident Witness

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Witnessing a car accident can be shocking, but you may have valuable information that could help the victim get compensated for their injuries. The best way to find out what went wrong is by asking the right questions.

Five Questions To Ask A Witness To A Car Accident

1. Can you explain in your own words what you saw?

When you are interviewing a witness, it is important to start with an open-ended question. This will give the interviewee room to share as much detail about their experience as possible without feeling pressured by leading questions which may put them on the defensive or make them feel like they’re being interviewed for information in particular. 

After establishing that narrative with some general follow-up questions, shift focus onto what happened at a specific time and ask more focused follow-up questions to get details of that event.

2. Where were you in relation to the accident?

Witnesses can be just as unreliable in an accident investigation. You need to establish where each witness was located before and during the crash to ensure that their account is accurate. If you have identified multiple witnesses at different positions relative to the scene, this can help reconstruct what exactly happened for a clearer picture of how it all went down.

When interviewing the witness, try to get as many specifics about their location. Don’t just ask “how far away” they were; also inquire if they were closer to one driver and whether or not they observed any traffic signals of other vehicles involved in this intersection collision type accident.

You may even want to sketch out a rough diagram of the scene with an X for where you believe the eyewitness is located and show it to them so that there are no discrepancies later when discussing details from afar.

3. Did you see any other people nearby who might be witnesses like you?

If you’re one of the many people who are able to provide evidence for court, it’s great that you have such a crucial role in uncovering these truths. 

But don’t stop there- find out what other witnesses might be involved and doing your part won’t just help others get justice but also lead us closer to finding those responsible!

4. Can you make a statement to the police?

The witness statement is a crucial piece of evidence. The police officer has the training and experience to get an accurate account from you, which will help them come up with possible solutions for preventing this type of problem in the future.

If they can’t arrive soon enough or if there are any other reasons why you don’t want to wait, please give a brief verbal summary instead.

5. Can I have your contact information?

For a witness, it can be difficult to stay on the scene with the police in order to make an official statement. If you cannot do so and are asked by law enforcement for contact information, try your best not only to get their phone number but also any other contacts who may know more about what happened.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

You need an accident attorney who has years of experience questioning witnesses in a car accident. They can help you question witnesses to use them and build your case for a favorable outcome in court.

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