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Most of us don’t get into the car wondering or worrying that we are going to get in a car accident. We assume that people will be driving at their best and will pay attention while operating their vehicles. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Traffic accidents are on the rise on Nevada roadways, which resulted in 331 deaths in 2018. Most of these occurred in the greater Las Vegas area.

When an accident happens, there are many things to consider after you get medical attention for any injuries. If you plan to seek damages because the other driver was at fault, we encourage you to call the Southwest Injury Law group’s car accident lawyers in Las Vegas. We litigate these cases daily, and we work relentlessly for our clients to ensure that they are adequately compensated after an accident.

Let’s take a look at the most common causes of car accidents, one of which might be the result of what happened in your accident claim.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen when people make mistakes. Driving is a complex activity that requires concentration and skill, but we are only human. Sometimes our judgement is impaired by fatigue or alcohol, sometimes the roads are slick due to rain or ice, and sometimes drivers just don’t see us coming in time to avoid an accident.

There are many causes of car accidents that can be prevented with awareness and careful driving habits.

Today, we’ll cover some of the most common causes of car accidents, so you know what to watch out for on the road!

Distracted Driving

Ask law enforcement officers, and they might tell you that distracted drivers are the leading cause of all accidents on the road. People are busier than ever these days which means they tend to think that they can drive while doing other minor tasks. That might be everything from eating to fiddling with their playlist or answering emails. The Center for Disease Control estimates that nine people die, and more than 1,000 others are seriously injured each day, as a result of drivers driving distracted.

You cannot control how other people handle their responsibility, but you can control how you do. It’s not always easy to prove another driver was distracted while driving, but if you work with a Las Vegas car accident attorney, you will have a better shot at proving negligence and perhaps get access to materials to help establish your case. For example, their phone records to see if they were texting and driving at about the time of the accident.

Drunk Driving

With as much media attention and advocacy against it, drunk driving still is a significant factor in America. While Nevada doesn’t have the statistics as say, Washington DC, Minnesota, or Hawaii, Nevada still has a higher drunk driving rate than many states. Of the fatalities on Nevada roadways in 2017, almost 30% of them were attributed to alcohol-impaired driving. While you cannot control others making poor decisions, you can be as alert as possible on the roadways and try to avoid and report it if you believe there is an impaired driver. If you have been impacted by drunk driving, you can seek damages with a car accident law firm in Las Vegas like Southwest Injury Law.

Reckless Driving

There are many behaviors on the road that can be placed into the “reckless” category. One of the first that comes to mind tends to be speeding. Most everyone speeds to a degree, if even for a moment to get around someone going well below the speed limit, or to avoid a collision. There is no escaping, however, that speeding complicates driving. Not only does it make automobile accidents worse, but drivers have a harder time reacting at higher speeds.

Another example of reckless behavior on the road is running lights and stops signs. Unfortunately, some people see these as alternative signals or mere “warning” mechanisms. While running a red light might be completely unintentional, the aftermath of doing so can have a devastating effect on other drivers.

One more reckless driving behavior worth mentioning is road rage. When people cannot control their anger, they make destructive decisions. Chances are you’ve seen plenty of these devastating incidents online or in viral videos. You may have also seen this kind of driving yourself or been the victim of a reckless driving incident.

If so, you can bring a suit against someone whose road rage caused you injury or property damage. Work with some of the best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas by reaching out to Southwest Injury Law.


No one can control the weather and sometimes accidents just happen. In Las Vegas, we don’t have to worry too significantly about this sort of thing, but when we see heavy rains, accidents can occur since people aren’t used to driving in those conditions. Sometimes people do not change their regular driving habits to handle the change in the weather environment appropriately. If this is the case in your car accident case, you can seek damages from the other driver.

Quick Tips in Working with a Las Vegas Accident Attorney

We know you have many options when working with a car accident law firm in Las Vegas. We thought it might be helpful to list our top tips in finding the best one who will work to win your case.

  • Strategy – When speaking to an attorney about your case, be sure to ask the accident attorney what their strategy would be in handling your specific situation. Learn more about what ideas they have to work with the insurance company or other parties, and ask them how you can help make that strategy work even better.
  • Communication – Accident cases can take a while to settle, and during that time you’ll need to do a good bit of communicating with your lawyer. Before hiring your attorney gauge how good of a communicator they are. When you call and leave a message, how long does it take to get a return call? When you’re on the phone, do you get rushed along and feel like you’re being treated as a number rather than a person? Factor those details into your decision on who to hire.
  • Talk Numbers – Don’t be afraid to get the raw truth about what the fees involved are. Not just how the case fee structure works, for example, they get paid when you do. Ask about how much specific communications cost you. For instance, what fees are associated with phone calls and emails, and how does that factor into what is taken out of your settlement.

Ready to work with the best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas? Call or connect with the Southwest Injury Law offices today, and let’s get to work on your car accident case.





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