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Who is the Best Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada?

If you have been personally injured in Las Vegas, Nevada, you may be wondering: “who is the best accident lawyer?”.

Every personal injury case is unique. Slip and fall accident claims, for example, may involve questions about whether the owner of a property had knowledge of a dangerous condition on the property. It may require an investigation of a property owner’s maintenance practices.

Car accident claims may involve car insurance claims and questions about driver negligence. Serious personal injury claims involving catastrophic injury may involve higher value settlements and more complex litigation.

The best accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada is the law firm that will take the time to understand the unique circumstances of your case and fight to help you get the best possible outcome permitted under the law.

When you need qualified expertise from Las Vegas accident lawyers, turn to Southwest Injury Law. Luis Ayon has experience handling catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury claims and Mr. Ayon has handled a range of personal injury cases, thousands of auto accident cases, as well as hundreds of slip and fall/trip and fall liability claims, motorcycle claims, tractor-trailer claims,  and nursing home/assisted living home neglect cases. Together with our accident law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can offer you the representation you may need to get the best possible outcome under the law.

Southwest Injury Law is an accident law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada who works closely with victims and families to help them seek justice. This may mean investigating each case independently, speaking to witnesses, helping victims seek medical care, or pursuing the case in court.

When it comes to the best accident lawyer Las Vegas, you want a qualified lawyer who will pursue any and all legal avenues to help you get the best possible outcome under the law.

You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law. Visit Southwest Injury Law in Las Vegas, Nevada today to learn more about your options and rights, and talk to one of our Las Vegas accident lawyers.

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Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer to represent you, you may have many questions and concerns. You may wonder whether you have a strong case and whether you will need to take your claim to court and who is the best accident lawyer for your case in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Southwest Injury Law understands that the choice you make when it comes to hiring an accident lawyer can make an immense difference in the outcome of your case. What are some questions you should ask your accident lawyer before retaining him or her to represent you?

Here are some key questions you may want to ask your Las Vegas accident lawyers:

  1. Will I get to talk to my lawyer or will I get stuck talking to a receptionist all the time?
    A law firm that truly cares about its clients will give the attorneys’ cell phone numbers and emails out. At Southwest Injury Law, you can even text message and email directly with Luis and  If other law firms refuse to do this, you might think about why that is?
  2. What kind of cases does your law firm handle on a regular basis?
    If you are hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you for your catastrophic brain injury or spinal cord injury, you probably don’t want to be working with an attorney who primarily handles traffic tickets. Similarly, if your loved one was hurt in a nursing home or if you suffered an injury after a slip, trip, and fall accident, you will want to work with an accident law firm that is familiar with the nuances of your case, and not a divorce lawyer or another type of attorney. Feel free to ask your attorney if he or she has handled similar cases to yours, and ask about the outcome. You want a lawyer with expertise in your area.
  3. What are some of your most successful cases?
    You’ll want to hear about your accident lawyer’s track record. How is this successful case similar or different from yours?
  4. Do you take cases to trial?
    Not all cases will need to go to trial. In fact, many cases can be settled outside of court. However, your attorney’s ability to negotiate a good outcome may depend on his or her willingness to take your case to trial. Insurance companies know which lawyers are willing to go to trial and which are not. Insurance companies and negligent parties may be more willing to reach better settlements with lawyers who aren’t afraid to take cases to trial. When your personal injury settlement is on the line, you want a lawyer willing to pursue all legal avenues to help you get justice.
  5. Is the lawyer able to answer your questions clearly?
    A lawyer who uses only technical jargon to explain your case might be hiding behind jargon. A good lawyer should be able to explain the legal issues at hand in clear, simple English.
  6. Is the lawyer approachable?
    In a personal injury case, you’ll likely have to share personal and intimate details with your lawyer. Your lawyer will likely need to review your medical history and medical records and learn about how your accident has changed your life. It is important that you feel comfortable enough with your lawyer to share this information.
  7. Is the lawyer easy to reach?
    If you have a question about your case, can you easily contact your attorney? Is the accident law firm available on weekends or weeknights? How often can you expect to be in contact with your lawyer? How long will your lawyer take to return your calls?
  8. How often do you receive referrals?
    A lawyer who is well-respected in his or her field will receive referrals from other attorneys. Not every attorney can handle every case. A good lawyer knows when to refer your case to another attorney who may specialize in your needs.
  9. Does your lawyer have references?
    When discussing successful outcomes, you may want to ask your accident law firm if the firm has names and contact information of references. Follow up with the references and ask them about their experience with the attorney.
  10. How long have you been working on personal injury cases?
    A personal injury lawyer with less experience can be a good lawyer, but a lawyer with more years of experience may be more effective. However, there are pros and cons for each. A young passionate lawyer may not have many cases and may be more able to give your case high levels of personalized attention. He or she wants to win for you to build his or her reputation. An experienced lawyer may have a higher volume and you may find yourself having conversations with office staff more than conversations with your lawyer.
    However, this is not always the case. Some experienced lawyers cap how many cases they will take on. Asking tough questions about caseload and availability can give you a better feel for the quality of service you’ll receive.
  11. Do you have the resources to take on my case?
    A good accident lawyer won’t take on every case that comes his or her way. Sometimes cases are not strong enough and sometimes cases are so complex that the law firm simply doesn’t have the time nor the resources to handle the case. A good lawyer knows what he or she can take on. However, a good injury lawyer also has the financial backing to properly prosecute Southwest Injury Law has the experience and the capital to properly prosecute your case.

If you’ve been injured in Las Vegas, Nevada, finding a good accident law firm is important when it comes to getting a recovery for your injuries. Southwest Injury Law has personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada who work closely with accident victims and their families to help them get the best possible outcome under the law.

Seek Justice After Your Accident 

Our Las Vegas accident lawyers at Southwest Injury Law understands the unique challenges personal injury victims sometimes face.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in Las Vegas, time is of the essence. Contact Southwest Injury Law today to learn more about your rights and options.





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