5 Updates to New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

5 Updates to New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

1. The security budget has been increased from $120,000 to $357,000 to supply an additional 198 Nevada National Guard troops to the Las Vegas valley. This is in addition to the entire Metro Police Department scheduled to work on New Year’s Eve. 
2. The Department of Homeland Security has upgraded the security rating of the festivities from SEAR 2 to SEAR 1. The Special Events Assessment Rating upgrade comes after the October 1, 2017 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 
3. The RTC will offer free rides from 6pm-9am on New Year’s Day. This includes all express services. 
4. Semi-trucks, dump trucks, buses and other large city vehicles will be positioned at key intersections to try to prevent anyone from driving onto the strip.
5. Las Vegas Metro Police Department has also added counter-sniper surveillance posts along the strip and a police helicopter will be circling the area. 
The event presents a huge challenge in security and law enforcement has encouraged casino employees, visitors and others to alert authorities of anything suspicious.
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